As residents of Hill Farms , we all play a vital role in watching out for the safety of our community, our homes, and our neighbors. The following tips provide suggestions for how you can help keep our neighborhood safe.

  1. Use the Hill Farms Facebook group,, and, and join the neighborhood watch group to keep current on neighborhood developments.
  2. Keep a cell phone or wire line phone by your bedside so you can call 911 if needed.
  3. When you are gone, use timers on a lamp in your living room and bedroom timed so that when one goes off the other goes on a couple of seconds later. Also use a timer for a radio tuned to a talk show station to simulate the presence of people within the house.
  4. Make sure a neighbor knows when you are gone for an extended period of time. The neighbor can watch the house and report anything that seems out of the ordinary to the police.
  5. Keep your car keys by your bedside. You can hit the panic button on the car keys if you hear a break-in. The car’s alarm should help ward off the thief.
  6. Use a trail camera with a black infrared flash pointed at the back door of your house. It will record (take a picture) of the thief trying to enter your house without alerting the thief. Trail cameras are used by hunters to record the movement of animals during the day or at night.
  7. The Madison Police recommends dusk-to-dawn motion sensor lights on the front and back of your house.
  8. You may wish to install a home protection device with cameras placed strategically within your house. These cameras can record the entry of a thief and store those pictures on a remotely placed computer, which the thief cannot destroy.
  9. Keep your garage doors down and all doors locked even when you are working around your house. Thieves are opportunistic and will strike if they see an unattended open door.

These are just suggestions. You may have already employed some of them. If you have other suggestions, please share them on the Hill Farm Facebook page. Keep Safe!

For additional information from the Madison Police Department, you can download the
West Police District presentation from our 2013 annual Hill Farms neighborhood meeting, or you can visit the West Police District website.