Who to Call

The following resource was published by the City of Madison Police Department in their Police Blotter blog on July 18, 2016:

It is often difficult to determine which agency is the "right" agency to call during times of need. When you need police, that phone number decision should be easy! Always use 911 when there is an emergency or a need for police for an event that is happening currently. When you need police and the issue or problem is not currently occurring or there is no ongoing safety risk, please call the non-emergency number at (608) 255-2345. Below are a few other numbers that may be helpful.

In the South District, City Streets (West) should be called at (608) 266-4681 for the following:

Traffic Engineering should be called at (608) 266-4761 for the following:

Forestry should be called at (608) 266-4816 for the following:

Engineering services should be called at (608) 266-4751 for the following:

Water Utility should be called at (608) 266-4651 for the following:

Dane County Highway Dept should be called at (608) 266-4261 for: