Board Members

The officers and board members of the University Hill Farms Neighborhood Association as of December 2017 are:


President Cathy Auger
Vice-President Jen Simon
Past President Peter Hughes
Secretary Ron Harris
Treasurer Dave Lewandowski


Architectural Review Joe Keyes and Brian Ohm
Fourth of July Marty Mozema & John Krejacarek
History & Social Events Jacki Lawton
Membership & Directory   Marilyn Howell
Newsletter Mary Whitcomb & Kathy Thompson
Safety Joe Keyes
School Liaison Julia Stein-Barnes
Parks Liaison Anita Sprenger
Planning Mike Lawton
Technology & Website Ryan Deverman

Officers are elected to one-year terms, and cannot serve more than three consecutive terms.

Directors are elected to two-year terms, and cannot serve more than two consecutive terms.

The board holds quarterly meetings, which are open to the public.