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Location Description and Boundaries

The University Hill Farms neighborhood is located on Madison's near west side, bounded on the north by Regent Street and Sheboygan Avenue, on the south by Mineral Point Road, on the east by Segoe Road, and on the west by Rosa Road and North Whitney Way.
Map of University Hill Farms Neighborhoood Association

The neighborhood encompasses two parks, and is served by two elementary schools, one middle school, several churches, the Hilldale shopping center, including the Sundance movie theatre, and the Hill Farms State Office building. Just minutes by car from the University, downtown, and beltline, the University Hill Farms neighborhood is situated in a desirable and convenient location. It is rated a fairly walkable neighborhood by walkscore.com.


The University Hill Farms neighborhood was developed as a complete community, including residential housing, schools, parks, churches, shopping, and office space on 487 acres of land formerly owned by the University of Wisconsin. The state legislature authorized the sale of the land in 1953 and appointed a special committee to oversee its development. The University of Wisconsin and its Regents, in conjunction with the city of Madison and planning consultant Carl L. Gardner and associates, created a plan to fulfill the original vision of an integrated, walkable neighborhood.

Lots were offered for sale beginning in 1955 and construction of the first homes began the following year. Most of the homes in our neighborhood were built in the 1950s and 1960s. In architectural style, they are primarily variations of the ranch, with some unique architect-designed houses. Parade of Homes events were located in the University Hill Farms neighborhood in 1957, 1958, 1959, and 1960. National Register Coordinator and Hill Farms resident Daina Penkiunas has described our mid-century neighborhood as "a textbook example of what was popular and what was promoted in the Madison housing market in the late 1950s" (University Hill Farms: A Project for Modern Living. Wisconsin Magazine of History. 10/04/2005.) To read more about the history of the University Hill Farms neighborhood, visit our history page.


The University Hill Farms neighborhood has about 961 single-family homes, 76 duplexes (38 buildings), and a number of condominiums and senior housing units. Most of the housing stock was built in the late 1950s and 1960s, with a minority of homes built in the 1970s. For information about deed restrictions, covenants, and other remodeling and construction issues, please consult our Architectural Review page.


From the beginning, the University Hill Farms neighborhood has been a vibrant community. Residents established a neighborhood association in 1957 that remains active in community affairs. Long-standing traditions include the Fourth of July parade and picnic at Rennebohm park and Santa visits to neighborhood children. Check out our Social Events page for more information about neighborhood gatherings and activities.


The University Hill Farms neighborhood is served by two elementary schools, Stephens at 120 S Rosa Road, and Van Hise at 4747 Waukesha Street. Our middle school, Hamilton, is located at 4801 Waukesha Street. High school students in the neighborhood attend Madison West High.


Rennebohm Park is centrally located in the neighborhood, at 115 North Eau Claire Avenue. It is the site of our annual 4th of July celebration and Halloween party.

The highest land in the University Hill Farms development was reserved for Garner Park. Located between Rosa Road and Whitney Way, Garner Park is a large, 42 acre park that hosts Opera in the Park. In winter, it is a popular site for sledding.

Other Amenities

Other neighborhood amenities include the Hilldale shopping center, complete with a supermarket, Apple Store, and AMC Dine-In theatre, at University Avenue and Midvale Boulevard, a Post Office at Segoe Road and Sawyer Terrace, and the Hill Farm Swim Club.

In addition, residents can enjoy locally produced meat, dairy, vegetables, and fruits from the Westside Community Market on Saturday mornings from spring through fall at the DOT State Office Building parking lot (Segoe Road and Sheboygan Avenue). Alternatively, the Harmony Valley CSA delivers locally produced vegetables to two neighborhood locations.